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Carmen Coloma

Graphics      Interactive      Art 


I am a designer who loves expressing color through design. My inspiration when designing comes from the simplicity of geometrical shapes, pattern making, and photography. I love to think outside the box and take risks when to project design.

My Work


These are Shakespeare book classics that have been reinterpreted to connect with Millennials. The subject matter changes the original context to relate closely to artistic trends associated with this audience while using traditional typography to maintain a connection to the genre.


llustration-Sam Burriss,  Gabriele Stravinskaite, Mathilda Khoo, Zulmaury Saavedra

Mockups-Sincerely Media, Sixteen Miles Out



Music moments is a store that is bringing old music classics to your table. The audience would be people who love music from the 80's and 70's. The main element of this brand uses geometrical shape patterns to make feel more innovative and have an abstract feel.  Also, the color palette is bolder in order to create more contrast and be eye catching for the viewer.


Photos-Eric Nopanen, Nick Fewings, Spencer Pugh

Mockups-Haryo Steyadi, Luke Pamer, Joshua Hoehne

Pattern-Scott Rodgerson


This magazine is called Pandora which is are trying to expand one's brain intellect‭. ‬The magazine's photography plays with‭  ‬abstract black and white photos‭ ‬but combines with‭  ‬a violet tone which reflects a scene of‭  ‬mystery and creativity‭.‬
Photos-Alex Shaw, Cristian Newman, Alina Grubnyak, Josh Riemer, David Clode, Rohan Makhecha 

Mockups-Rucksack Magaziene 


This‭  ‬is heart monitor app for people who suffer from heart problems‭. ‬The icons and colors designed to make the user feel more‭ ‬relax and calm‭. ‬The user age varies‭  ‬from‭  ‬age 50+‭. ‬The app tries keep track of ones daily heart rate and gives you an overall‭ ‬summary‭  ‬of‭  ‬minimum and maximum level of your heart‭. ‬You can also take different personality test to find out if your suffering from anxiety‭, ‬depression‭, ‬etc‭.

  ‬‭ ‬


Mockups‭-Sara Kurfeß‭, ‬Scott Webb‭, ‬Luke Chesser NeONBRAN‭,‬


This is a mountain bike event in New Zealand‭. ‬The‭ ‬audience are people who are mountain biking enthusiasts or who love extreme sports‭. ‬The element of this brand uses‭ ‬a circler pattern that reflects bikes' wheels‭. ‬It also combines landscape photos and topography in order to create movements within the layout‭.  ‬

Photos-Mark Northen, Johannes Ludwig, Stephane Fellay, Josh Reimer, Tobias Bjerkes, Daniele Franchi, Roberto Reposo, Fabio Consilvio, Brooke Cagle, nate, Emiliano Vittoriosi, Drew Hays, Ana-Maria Nichita.